August 31, 2017

Chicago Sheriff Intends To Increase The Time Inmates Spend In Jail

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chicago Sheriff swore an oath recently. He replaced the old sheriff and there are rumors now that the time inmates spend in jail will increase in a drastically.

Right now, because of jail overcrowding, the vast majority of inmates are not serving their full sentence. In fact, when it comes to DUI inmates, they are required to serve the minimum of 96 hours in jail, but are actually released right after they are booked. Furthermore, most of the inmates are serving only about 10% of their time in jail, but this tendency could now change.

Rumors are claiming that the new sheriff is pretty serious about changing the rules and intends to make sure that inmates will serve a minimum of 90% of their sentence if the sentence implies more than 30 days in jail. This implies that people should be very cautious, especially when considering taking a plea bargain. At times, the plea bargain may involve a jail sentence of 30 days and more, so if you are planning on being released in a couple of days, this may no longer be the case.

The rumors also claim that there will be a viable alternative to the jail sentence— electronic home monitoring. If you or your loved ones were charged with a crime such as drunk driving, do not be too hasty and do not plead guilty right away. It could even make things worse and that is the last thing you want.

It is very important, crucial even, to make sure you have a qualified, genuinely experienced legal representative by your side. Only a good lawyer will ensure that your sentence is minimized and that you won’t do all of that jail time in full.

DUI is a pretty serious offense – you can easily be sentenced to jail even for a misdemeanor DUI and this is one more reason why you should first consult a lawyer before making any decisions and trying to manage things on your own. So, go ahead, discover all the possibilities, and learn much more about the possible defense strategies and you will be able to make the most from your legal representation. After all, both you and your loved ones surely deserve it! Serving full time is not an option and a Chicago DUI attorney will make sure you get the most from your legal adviser!

John Wright, ESQ
Law Offices of Chicago DUI Experts[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

August 11, 2017

Child Endangerment And DUI

Driving under the influence on your own is bad enough. However, if you are driving with some passengers and these passengers are your own children – well, this is all kinds of messed up and you are clearly endangering the lives of your kids with your irrational actions. A recent situation of a drunken father who was driving with his three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son and crashed his car into two other vehicles proves that point very clearly. The girl was not restrained properly in her seat and she suffered facial injuries. The little boy was taken to the hospital as well.

This is not only a driving under the influence case – it is also child endangerment pursuant to Penal Code section 273. If little children are injured or hurt, the case is viewed as a felony, so the driver will face up to six years in prison. However, if it is viewed as a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence would equal a year in county jail.

There is also a special enhancement for DUI penalties if the driver was driving under the influence with minors under 14 years old. If this is the first offense, 48 hours will be added to the jail sentence, if it is the second offense, 10 days will be added to the jail sentence, and if it is the third offense, expect 30 days of jail sentence in addition to the standard penalties. This enhancement, however, does not apply if the driver was already charged with child endangerment as well.

Finally, if you were arrested for driving under the influence and with children in your vehicle, there is a pretty big chance that you will get a visit from child protection services and you will be expected to complete a special 52-week parenting class. This class will also be appointed to you in court of you were already prosecuted for child endangerment.

On way or the other, you need to understand that it really is a pretty challenging situation and one where you will need help from industry experts. We are, of course, talking about getting in touch with a qualified DUI attorney who will have the skills and the expertise to help you. Should you add child endangerment to the process, that will put you in a fairly disturbing situation, and you need to do something about it. A good DUI lawyer will have what it takes to provide you with all the guidance, information and facts you will need to really make the best of your situation.

John Wright, ESQ
Law Offices of Chicago DUI Experts