January 29, 2018

DUI Probation And The Consequences Of Violation

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any kind of illegal substances in Chicago is never a good idea. You are not only risking your own life – you are also putting other lives in danger. Other drivers, your passengers, the pedestrians – they may all be victims of your ignorance or negligence. And, of course, the legal consequences for driving under the influence are genuinely harsh and severe. This is completely understandable, seeing how the number of DUI accidents is constantly growing.

With that said, if it was your first DUI offense and you have no previous criminal records to begin with and no one got hurt in the process and nothing was damaged, odds are, you can get off with probation. While this is fine and you will not need to go to county jail, there are still plenty of terms and conditions that you will need to follow closely.

Chicago DUI probation usually involves suspension of driving privileges for a certain period of time. Of course, depending on the circumstances, there is also a chance that you will be allowed to drive to work, but you will still be limited in your movements. Furthermore, you have to pay expensive fines. In addition, do not forget that even if you do not lose your license, the cost of your insurance will rise and you will be required to install an ignition interlock device inside the vehicle. This is how the police want you to prove that you are sober while getting behind the wheel. Finally, do not forget that you will probably need to perform community service, attend alcohol or drug awareness classes, and will be required to submit yourself to random drug tests.

Of course, should you violate any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions of the probation, you will not only be susceptible to the initial sentence – there is also a huge chance that you will suffer from elevated legal penalties and may even end up behind bars, in state prison even. Furthermore, there is a big possibility that you will lose your license for good.

DUI probation violation is a serious offense and if you want to minimize the penalties and make the most from your situation in court, it would be highly advisable to get in touch with an experienced Chicago drunk driving lawyer as soon as possible who will dismiss or lessen the charges.