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Chicago DUI Law FirmCases of driving under an influence of alcohol or illegal substance are very complicated and full of all kinds of issues, including but not limited to procedural, observational, constitutional, scientific and most importantly emotional issues. Hence, the defense of such cases could be very complex and convoluted. Over the last fifteen years of legal practice our legal specialist John Wright has come to a following conclusion: the best defense tactic to follow in DUI cases is to reassure clients through education. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

With that said, detailed communication with a client is our team’s main focus when developing a defense tactic. Each case is different and requires a unique approach. Thus, thorough communication with a client is the key to designing a successful defense strategy.

Our Chicago legal team consists of top of the line lawyers with diverse experience. Some of our team members have spent several years working on the other side of the legal system as prosecutors; others have years of experience as public defenders.

Legal Experience Matters

The experience our lawyers were able to gain as prosecutors is priceless. Being able to see the system from the other side gives them an advantage of knowing what the prosecution is focused on while building a DUI case against the defendant and as a consequence building a defense strategy that will be much harder to beat.

At the same time, the experience gained while working as public defender gives our team members an advantage of quantity. A public defender received numerous cases and is expected to do a good job on all of them. Hence, a lawyer with a prior experience of public defender has seen it all and can easily develop a successful defense tactic in order to help his client.

A few of our team members were invited to teach Criminal Justice, Ethics and Criminal Behavior classes in University of Chicago Law School due to the high level of experience and qualifications. However, the undergraduate students are not the only audience our lawyers have captured. Our team has authored a Criminal Defense Continuing Education book and has been teaching seminars for the past ten years. Our lawyers have also participated in Chicago Bar Association Continuing Education Seminars such as How to.., Hands On.. and Cook County Court Walk Through courses teaching to other attorneys.

Never the less, our lawyers always first priority is to remain committed to their clients, our firm and constitution.

Individual Defense Strategy

Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance can be terrifying, overwhelming and embarrassing at the same time, besides, our legal system does not make it easy on a person and often can be very intimidating. Once the feeling of shock is faded you would probably want to talk to someone and ask all the questions you will have by that time. How should you plea? How all this will affect your personal life and relations? What will this cost you? For how long will your driver’s license be suspended? Will you be sentenced to jail?

Chicago DUI attorney John Wright understands the level of stress the client is under and is determined to make the entire process as easy as possible. Our team is there to address all your questions and concerns. Our DUI attorney in Chicago works individually with each client to reassure, educate and work up an effective defense strategy.

Protecting rights of our clients and lessening the damage the DUI can make in your life is our mail priority. Our team members will put their experience in DUI cases and knowledge of Chicago court system at work to insure success. DUI cases could be very complicated at times, so our lawyers often resort to working with expert witnesses in field sobriety, breath and blood testing in order to secure a positive outcome.

First Consultation is FREE

Chicago DUI Lawyer offers a free consultation to prospective clients. The consultation could be very advantageous and will definitely help both you and your lawyer. During your free consultation you will have an opportunity to get answers for all your questions and concerns. At the same time, your lawyer will be able to go over all the facts of your case and get familiar with you as a person, which will help him to build a solid defense technique.

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Regardless of a type of a DUI you were charged with, be it a Wet Reckless, DUI or Aggressive DUI, there is a lot at stake. For those, who were charged with DUI for the first time the punishment is most likely be as follows:

  • Financial fines between $500 and $1,000
  • Up to one year in jail
  • Suspension of driver’s license for at least six months.

However, the consequences could be greater for those who were charged for the second of third time in the last ten years.

There is a lot to comprehend when it comes to a DUI charge. It is very important not lose time and make your decisions fast. This can be overwhelming and confusing to someone who is not used to dealing with DUI charges. That is why it is highly recommended to turn to an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer who is proficient in Illinois state laws. Our lawyer will accompany you to your arraignment, which will be held within a few days, and to your administrative hearing, which is time sensitive as well, and will make sure that you understand your rights and that your rights are protected at all times.

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Now days, will all possible information available at the tips of your fingers and free consultations provided by the law office, your might be thinking of dealing with your DUI case yourself. Honestly speaking, it is possible. However, chances are you will run your court fees and fines up higher than need be and will overlook relevant facts just because you are not aware of its relevance. On the other hand, our skillful and experienced lawyers will not miss anything and will work hard on decreasing your fines and impound fees, help you avoid jail time and an increase of your automobile insurance.

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