Bolingbrook DUI Attorneys

Bolingbrook DUI Attorney

If a person is charged for DUI (Driving Under the Influence), he or she may be suffering from severe legal penalties, including potential time in jail. In case that person also does not have all the necessary documents, the overall impact of DUI charges will be all the more severe.

Here at Bolingbrook DUI law offices., we realize just how important a great defense is for the DUI defendants. Bolingbrook DUI attorney John Wright is offering reliable legal representation for every client and develops a great defense strategy that is based on the unique details of every case. In every case, Reyna will focus on minimizing the negative impact for the clients and their loved ones.

The financial penalties for driving under the influence will begin to pile up as soon as you will be arrested. Depending on the case, you will need to spend a lot of money on bond and on towing as well as storage for your car. Furthermore, losing your vehicle and your driving privileges may lead to losing your job as well. Although DUI is expensive, it will be all the more detrimental if you are going to be convicted.

Every driver that is charged for driving under the influence is genuinely concerned of how a conviction could impact his life and the things that are crucial to them. One of the drivers may be concerned about keeping the driver’s license, because otherwise he is going to lose his job. Another driver will be concerned with how the DUI charges may impact his immigration status and will he be deported from the country. Regardless of the concerns that you may have, remember that there are plenty of bad consequences for DUI convictions.

Hence, hiring a qualified as well as genuinely experience Bolingbrook DUI lawyer will prove to be invaluable if you wish to minimize the legal damage and all the consequences.

Bolingbrook DUI Lawyer You Can Trust

Attorney John Wright completely understands each and every single elements of the DUI crime. This experience and her expertise allow her to go into the areas that the state may not be able to meet its burden of proof. Here are some of the possible DUI defense strategies that may be perfect for you:

  • Contesting the FST (field sobriety test) results, including if the officer received proper training to deliver an objective verdict;
  • Challenging whether the driver was stopped in line with the legal procedures and more accurately – if there was any reason to pull you over in the first place;
  • Contesting the results of any breathalyzer tests as well as blood BAC tests and their objectivity.

As a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Bolingbrook DUI lawyer, John Wright is going to assess all the cons and pros of the different options that will become available you and just how likely it may be for the case to move onward to the trial, even though there are no guarantees, which could be made about the end results. She does understand how to explain any potential dangers to the client properly too.

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