Court Supervision

Violation of Court Supervision

Court SupervisionCourt supervision is a way of legal punishment which puts an offender under a close supervision by a court officer instead of a prison sentence. At the administrative hearing the judge will grant an offender with court supervision and establish the conditions depending on severity of offender’s case. These conditions will determine the requirements that the offender must obey during the defined period of time.

In the city of Chicago, the conditions of court supervision could oblige the offender to the following:

  • Report to and frequently meet with an assigned court supervision officer. At these meeting the court supervision officer will go over the conditions and make sure you understand it and follow it;
  • Must submit to a warrant less searches;
  • Is required to find and maintain legitimate employment;
  • Must submit to random drug testing;
  • Deliberately follow all the conditions of court supervision, for instance, drug and alcohol risk education course meetings;
  • Timely payment of ordered restitution and fines.

Failure to obey all or some of the conditions of your court supervision will be considered as a violation. Violation of court supervision can be detrimental to your further case.  As a consequence of a violation of court supervision, you will be facing more severe penalties among which are revocation of court supervision and incarceration.

Here are some of the most common examples of violation of court supervision:

  • Failing to submit to drug testing, which is considered as failing the drug test, or taking the test and actually failing it due to discovery of traces of illegal substances in your body;
  • Not attending scheduled court hearings without a legitimate reason;
  • Not attending scheduled meetings with a supervision officer without a legitimate reason;
  • Possession of illegal drugs or weapons;
  • Failure to pay ordered restitution and fines;
  • Being arrested for similar or different crime and etc.

If you were charged with violation of court supervision in the city of Chicago, a court hearing will be scheduled. At the hearing the prosecutor will have to show undeniable evidence of the violation, which will be mostly gathered by your court supervision officer. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to argue your case and prove that the fact of a violation did not occur or occurred due to a legitimate reason. In addition, you will have an opportunity to present and cross examine witnesses.

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