DUI Accidents

Involved in an Accident While Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol or Drugs? Read On What To Expect

DUI accidentsThe official statistical data clearly demonstrates that more and more people are injured or even killed in DUI accidents every year. The most common factor that causes those accidents to begin with is negligence. Negligent behavior may include talking on the phone while driving, not paying attention to the traffic lights or road regulations. However, one of the most widely spread factors is without a doubt driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

People need to understand that by hopping behind the wheel while being intoxicated they not only endanger their own lives, but also the lives of others around them, including other drivers and pedestrians. Thousands of people die on the road in DUI accidents and that is why it is only natural that the law enforcement authorities do their best to apprehend and punish any DUI criminals.

With that said, the legal penalties for DUI are very different and harsh. First of all, right on the spot, the arresting officer is going to take your driver’s license away from you. He will then provide you with a special temporary permit that allows you to operate your vehicle for 30 more days. Still, if you do not want your driver’s license to be revoked, you will have to file an official request and initiate a Secretary of State Department hearing within 10 days after the incident.

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Losing your license is not the most serious legal consequence. Do not forget that you will be obliged to pay expensive fines – thousands upon thousands of dollars from your pocket. Restitution and court fees will also hit your budget hard. In addition, you will be sentenced to community service, which implies hundreds of hours of unpaid labor and alcohol or drug awareness classes – you will have to pay for that yourself. You will also need to get a special SR22 insurance that was designed specifically for high-risk drivers and it will cost you nearly three times as much as the standard one.

Furthermore, in case you have injured or even killed a person in the DUI accident, you will be unable to avoid a prison sentence – up to three years in prison as well as additional years for every person injured or killed in the accident. The DUI will remain in your criminal records and although you may be released on probation, these will still be affecting your day to day living. After all, not too many employers will be happy to hire a DUI offender and if you are still in college or in university, you will probably have plenty of problems there as well. If you were involved in a DUI accident, contact an experienced Chicago DUI attorney now to avoid jail!

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