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Advice To Follow When Charged With DUI Hit & Run In Chicago, IL

DUI Hit and RunHit and run DUI accidents are becoming more and more common these days. Of course, being charged with DUI alone is bad enough, but there is also an issue of leaving a scene – a factor that may worsen legal consequences and could have absolutely detrimental impact on one’s criminal records.

If you have managed to damage someone’s property and left the scene without getting in touch with law enforcement authorities or without notifying the owner, your actions will be classified as class A misdemeanor and you will lose your driver’s license in line with the decision of the Secretary of State.

Furthermore, if you injured or killed a person and left the scene, your actions will be classified as a felony and you will have to deal with much more severe legal consequences. In addition, seeing that driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances often is the main reason for leaving the scene, it is only natural that law enforcement authorities will oblige the driver to submit himself or herself to a mandatory sobriety test – field tests and BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests included.

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The law clearly states that if you injured someone, you should stop your vehicle and check victim’s condition. You are also obliged to notify authorities as soon as it is possible. Many drivers choose to ignore this regulation and simply flee the scene of the accident – some even think that if they are going to report that their vehicle was stolen, the police will not be able to figure out what really happened. One way or the other, fleeing the scene is never a good idea – you risk losing your driving privileges, paying expensive fines and even being sentenced to county jail or state prison.

Nevertheless, when it comes to DUI Hit and Run, the judge, prosecution and jury are quite swift to judge – everything seems to be apparent and the person deserves what is coming his or her way. However, in some cases everything is far from being as obvious as it seems at first.

For starters, at times, people are shocked after hitting another person and act in line with the most basic instincts – they flee the scene without even realizing what they are doing. This condition may affect any person, even the most decent one and right after understanding what they have done drivers try to deal with guilt through alcohol, which then shows up in BAC tests.

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This is only one of many examples of how wrong the court may really be. Hence, if you value your future and you do not want to face maximum penalties for DUI hit and run, it is imperative to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI legal representative at the earliest opportunity. Having a good DUI lawyer by your side will be absolutely invaluable in cases like this.

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